Redundant Backups

People often ask us why they need to have more than one type of backup.  There is a belief that if you backup your QuickBooks data, for example, that all is well.   If you think about it, businesses have many types of data besides accounting data.  Documents, spreadsheets, favorites, pictures are all examples of data that might be critical.  When you add in server databases and other data shared on your servers, the list becomes larger.   A good backup scheme would include backing up your data to network hard drives as well as creating backup images of the entire windows operating system for all your workstations.  All of this should occur automatically each night.

However, because many viruses and especially ransomware can find and destroy your onsite backups, a second layer of defense is mandatory.  It is for this reason that we always insist on a system of automatic offsite backup of your most critical data.  This managed offsite backup system should be installed on all servers and workstations that contain any sort of data critical to your business.  It is also critical to create multiple archives going back for a few weeks just in case a file is corrupted and not discovered right away.

Talk to us about the correct onsite and offsite backup solutions for your business.

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