Offsite Backup

Off-site Backup Manager Solution

The single most important thing a business owner can do is to make sure that all his critical data is backed up so that it can be restored in the event of a data disaster.  While we always ensure that data is backed up onsite, a second level of defense is imperative using managed offsite backup.

In today’s world of numerous ransomware attacks, it is not uncommon for an attacker to completely destroy all of your data including your onsite backups in a matter of minutes.  In cases such as these, offsite backups are the only thing that can restore your data and save your business.

Command Com offers a managed professional offsite backup solution that is very affordable and automatically monitors and backups your critical data to multiple secure datacenters operated by the Google Enterprise Network.

Our data loss protection expert will work with you to determine which data is critical to you to keep your monthly fees as low as possible.  We will install the app on your servers or workstations.  You will receive an automatic email every morning detailing the previous night’s backup activity.

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