Here are a few questions we hear all the time.

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How can I prevent an infection by virus or ransomware?

Even though we install anti-virus and anti-malware protection on your computers, nothing can prevent an infection caused by careless users or foolish browsing.  Educating your users about the dangers of email attachments, embedded email links, phishing scams and malicious websites is your best defense against the damage caused by these attackers.   Constantly being vigilant and trusting nothing is your best defense.  Users should never pick up personal mail at work or browse social or news sites.  The bad guys prey on curiosity and are very good at tricking people.  Train your employees to trust nothing.  We can help you with this training.

How can I get remote assistance?

If one of our support technicians decides that the best way to help you is to connect to your computer, he will ask you to start a remote assistance session.  This session allows us to view and control your computer while you watch.  This method can also be used to show you how to accomplish different tasks or learn new techniques.

It is important to remember that YOU start the remote session, not us.  This makes it impossible for us to connect to your computer without your knowledge.  You will be instructed to visit this website and input a 9 digit pin the tech gives you.  The remote assistance area is located here.

How can I order offsite backup of my data?

Ordering offsite backup is easy.  Just click here to fill out a request and we will analyze your systems, help you choose which critical data needs to be backed up, install the backup application on all your computers and program the nightly backup routines.

How much will a website cost?

Command Com can design a custom website for almost any budget.  Give us a call, you will be surprised just how affordable your own website can be!

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